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Program Costs


Status First Nations

If you are a status First Nations, your treatment is covered by First Nations Health Authority.  No subsidy application is necessary, simply provide the client’s status number on our Application for Treatment. First Nations Health Authority will also pay up to $80 for medical examination for status clients.

Some First Nations bands provide funding for treatment.  Contact your Band Social Worker.

The Cost of In-patient Care

ROUND LAKE’s daily rate for residential treatment is $200.00 CDN per day.

This includes:

  • Full living expenses (room and board)
  • Counseling services
  • Psychologist services (if required)
  • Nursing services

Important Notes

Upon admission, the total cost of treatment must be paid.

Potential Sources of  Funding

1.  If you are working, some employers have health insurance benefits which will cover some or all of your treatment.  Contact your Human Resources Department.

2.  If you are currently receiving income assistance you may be eligible for per diem funding through the Ministry of Human Resources (MHR). The Employment and Assistance Worker can assist the client with travel funds, comfort allowance, and ensure the client has “enhanced” medical coverage.

3.  Funding (a user fee subsidy) may also be available through the regional ADS office.  Please submit the approval form with the complete application.

(The cost of treatment for non-status (First Nations) clients is $200.00 day.


Love you guys and gals @ Round Lake. New life, here I come!

A wonderful personal learning.

Hell, Yes! Very powerful. Very impacting!!

Invaluable as an individual and as a professional.

It has brought me major breakthroughs in why my life has been the way it was. My life is changed forever for the better 🙂

I feel relieved, revitalized with hope, inspiration for a new beginning!

The environment and staff are amazing.

You bet!! My whole community if possible. My family. Friends. Current colleagues.