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Marble Ceremony

At the end of each program, clients who have successfully completed participate in a “Marble Ceremony”.   Please refer to “Visitor Guidelines” if you plan to attend the Marble Ceremony.

The clients plan the program which may consist of drumming, singing, and speeches.  Each client is given a certificate of completion.  Coffee, juice, snacks are provided upon arrival.  A luncheon of sandwiches and fruit will follow the ceremony.

During the weeks leading up to the MARBLE CEREMONY, clients design and sew a marble bag.  (see photo of some marble bags below)  At the ceremony, the clients are given a marble which they put in the marble bag.  If, at any time, they relapse back to using substances, they are asked to give their marble bag to a clean and sober friend to keep for them until they gain sobriety once again.

The name “Marble Ceremony” came from Alcoholics Anonymous as follows:

In Memory of Charlie Marbles…. His Story

Two marbles, called desire and drink.  If you have that awful craving for a drink, throw away ONE of the marbles.  If you must drink, throw away the other marble; now you have lost ALL YOUR MARBLES.

Some AA’s lose their marbles more than once – KEEP COMING BACK


One day I realized that my higher power was perfect.  Since this was true, I could do nothing for him, but he could do everything for me.  How does one talk to a higher power that is perfect?  He knows my needs, my wants, my desires.  But above all he knows what is best for me.  His way, not mine.  I asked him to help me without whatever problem I had when I touched my marble.  It must work, because whenever I have a problem, any kind of problem, I touch my marbles.  Believe it.  My problems have disappeared.  It works for me, it might work for you.


Marble Speeches

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlement, Counsellors, Sisters and Brothers, my Heavenly Father, God.

Welcome to our Marble Day.  I am honoured to share our experience.  What an amazing journey on the Red Road with my new found family of 29 sisters and brothers.  My sisters and brothers loved me until I could love myself.  We each cradled each other as we shared our experiences, strength and hope.  Round Lake blessed us with the tools to live in the day.  Our road led us to our sobriety and our true gifts; ourselves.  I love myself today.

All the staff and counsellors made this place a home.  A special meal, a shoulder to cry on, a true soft touch, or just a whisper that “you will be okay.”  Our home.  A big thank you to staff.

The true gift I will always keep in my heart, along with little Tracy, is the balance of the medicine wheel.  North for reaching to my culture.  South to let go, West to grieve, East to love myself.  In the medicine wheel, I find the balance to trudge the Red Road.

As we merge back into society, I wish all the best to my sisters and brothesr.  Also on that note, my brothers and sisters, enjoy your cell phones, gum and TV but remember everything in moderation.

Tracy S

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to our marble day.  It’s a big day for my brothers and sisters.  And even better it’s my late Mom’s birthday today.  I’m so grateful that I know my Mom is watching over me with a smile.

I am also so grateful and thankful for Round Lake for accepting me on my journey to the Red Road.  It’s a success for me and I thank God for giving me a second chance in life.  I’m so thankful for my counsellor knowing that I needed help.  I will honestly use the tools that were given to me.  I also thank all the other counsellors for their sessions; so valuable to me.  I have learned to love myself, respect boundaries and let go.

I also thank the Client Support Workers and the cooks.  The cooks knew what I liked and didn’t like.  The cooks are awesome.  We go home with much more than when we came.

And the most important of all, I’d like to thank my brothers and sisters.  We cried and laughed together as we shared our stories.  It was fun playing games.  It felt like I was a kid again.  And I can play some of these games now with my grand children.

I can’t wait to get home and watch my soaps (just kidding)

Loretta P


Love you guys and gals @ Round Lake. New life, here I come!

A wonderful personal learning.

Hell, Yes! Very powerful. Very impacting!!

Invaluable as an individual and as a professional.

It has brought me major breakthroughs in why my life has been the way it was. My life is changed forever for the better 🙂

I feel relieved, revitalized with hope, inspiration for a new beginning!

The environment and staff are amazing.

You bet!! My whole community if possible. My family. Friends. Current colleagues.