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The Recovery Home was completed in 2017.  It is a 10-bed facility situated above the treatment centre.  It commands a beautiful view of Round Lake. The shared or common rooms are the Great Room (with kitchen, living room, and dining room), a public washroom, laundry, pantry, utility room, deck, and TV room.

Driving to Round Lake

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Round Lake Treatment Centre is located 25 km north of Vernon on Highway 97. The Painted Turtle Lodge is located just behind the gym on the eastern edge of the property overlooking a wooded slope to the lake.  Transportation will be provided for program activities and trips to Vernon on Saturdays.

If you are driving from Vernon, British Columbia follow Highway 97 towards Armstrong, B.C.  At the Swan Lake junction, turn left under the overpass and continue on Highway 97.  On the way to the Centre you will pass O’Keefe Ranch on your right and the Motoplex Speedway on your left.  About 15 minutes after leaving Vernon,  the two-lane road (Highway 97) will turn into four lanes.  Shortly after you are on the four-lane, you will see a sign to your right indicating Round Lake Treatment Centre.  Turn off onto Round Lake Road (a gravel road) and follow the signs to the Centre.  The Centre is approximately five minutes from the main highway.

If you are driving from Kamloops, British Columbia take the Trans Canada Highway north away from Kamloops until you come to the Monte Creek/Highway 97 junction.  Turn right and follow the highway through the town of Falkland.  About 10 minutes after Falkland, the two-lane highway will turn into four lanes.   Five minutes later, on the left, you will see the Round Lake Treatment Centre sign.  Turn left onto Round Lake Road (a gravel road) and follow the signs to the Centre.  The Centre is approximately five minutes from the main highway.

Travel To and From Round Lake

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If You Are Taking the Greyhound Bus

Purchase a ticket to the Vernon Greyhound Depot.  At the Greyhound Bus Depot hire a taxi to take you to Round Lake.  Taxi service to Round Lake is $60.00 one-way via Vernon Taxi (250-545-3337).

If You Are Flying

Book a flight to the Kelowna Airport.  Airport shuttle service is available for $46 by reservation only through Let’s Go Transportation at (778) 821-0101 or Cab fare from Vernon to Round Lake Treatment Centre is now $60.00 (one way) and is payable to Vernon Taxi (250-545-3337).

Weekend Visitors

  • Visitors are not allowed at the Recovery Home residence until a full month of stay is completed.
  • Preferred arrangement for visits and visitors are to be made off-site in the community.
  • Visiting hours are from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays and visitors must sign a visitor confidentiality agreement form on their FIRST visit.
  • Visits must occur in common areas of the residence. This ensures the anonymity of the other residents and the safety of all.
  • No visitors are permitted in the individual resident rooms.
  • Visitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from the Centre grounds. Round Lake Treatment Centre is committed to providing an alcohol-and-drug-free environment for the residents, staff and visitors.
  • Any children (under 16 years of age) visiting must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (other than the resident) at all times. We would encourage all visitations with children off site if possible.
  • Visitors and residents are requested to refrain from intimate behaviours during visitations.  This is in respect of learning appropriate behaviours and essential in a communal living environment.

What to Bring

  1. Shampoo, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving kit, etc.
  2. Gym shoes (non marking) and workout clothes
  3. Comfortable modest clothing is required
  4. Socks and underwear
  5. Swim suit (one-piece)
  6. Jacket / hoodies, etc. (weather / season appropriate)
  7. Small day pack
  8. Sufficient prescription medicine as prescribed and in the original containers or bubble wrapped for the duration of your treatment
  9. Over-the-counter medication and vitamins in the original packaging
  10. Debit and/or credit card
  11. Long distance calling card is a must for all calls
  12. Cigarettes if needed
  13. Personal health care number or card (Canadian residents)
  14. Other valid identifications

If you Bring Your Car

  • Parking is available
  • The vehicle must be insured while it is at Round Lake
  • As mentioned, setting appropriate boundaries is the resident’s responsibility
  • Vehicles may be searched similar to a baggage check
  • Pre-treatment clients may be restricted from using their vehicles until they have entered the post treatment stage


  • RLTC does not allow technical hair grooming on site, such as giving hair cuts and absolutely no hair dye.

Please DO NOT bring

  1. T-shirts with offensive slogans or that promote alcohol or drugs
  2. Mouthwash or other items containing alcohol (i.e. perfume, hand sanitizer, hair dye, nail polish)
  3. Protein powders or workout supplements
  4. Sex toys
  5. Weapons, knives, scissors
  6. Bedding including pillows, cushions, blankets and stuffies. 

Incidental Money


  • will require funds for any medications if not covered by medical;
  • may want to bring spending money when on outings, or on weekend/away time, etc.   Phone cards can be purchased at the Administration office.


Laundry facilities and products are available for residents to wash and dry their personal items.


You will be assigned your own room but will share a bathroom with another resident. But your room is lockable so you can have complete privacy. Your room will have a twin bed, desk, and chair. There is one couples room with a King size bed and there are two accessible rooms. There is a shower in your bathroom but no bath. If you prefer to bathe, there is a bath in the main bathroom.

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