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Welcome to Round Lake Treatment Centre

The effects of alcohol and drug addiction are often devasting to individuals, families and communities. Since 1979,  Round Lake Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre, an internationally accredited residential facility, has provided individual alcohol and drug treatment for over 10,000 clients, many who are now living a sober and balanced lifestyle. Our program is designed to address the impact of intergenerational trauma and shame on we, as First Nations peoples and the link to addictions. We practice science-based clinical treatment and develop healthy body, mind and spirit.

We are located on the edge of Round Lake, just 25 km north of Vernon, B.C. in the Okanagan Valley. The pristine natural environment surrounded by towering ponderosa pines, wild life, rolling hills and a shimmering lake support the client in their journey to wellness. Many clients return to the Centre several times to address issues of alcohol and drug addiction as well as related issues of sexual abuse, grief, trauma, anger management and shame.

Up to 36 clients participate in a six to seven week-long rehabilitation program which emphasizes the power of the healing circle. We are dedicated to the continuum of care, working closely with members of the clients’ communities and families to ensure their ongoing support. A refresher program is offered to clients who wish to return to the centre to strengthen and enhance the wellness they have achieved.

Round Lake has become a leader in the field of First Nations’ addiction recovery and trauma training. Many counsellors and physicians refer their clients to Round Lake because of its reputation as a treatment program that works for clients who are serious about wellness. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, our clinical team of six full-time certified substance abuse counsellors, one psychologist, two nurses, and 10 client support workers support the clients in their recovery program.

We invite you to learn more about our Residential Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs