To be accepted into the Round Lake Couples program, couples must

  • have a genuine desire to stop using alcohol or drugs,
  • be willing to work with and explore relationship and family issues.
  • commit to complete the entire treatment program, as a couple. The centre may request a written commitment prior to treatment.
  • have had a minimum of 2 sessions with referral agent for assessment, screening and readiness to complete an intensive, highly structured couples treatment program.
  • have had a minimum of 4 couples sessions with referral agent for couple assessment and grounding of the couple in preparation for couple’s treatment.
  • A full treatment application form for both clients must be submitted by mail and/or facsimile. All questions on the form must be answered fully by the client and his/her referral agent.
  • A completed medical report must be filled out and signed by a medical practitioner and submitted to Round Lake Intake Coordinator by mail and/or facsimile. All medical, dental or other appointments must be taken care of prior to admission.
  • be nineteen (19) years old and over and agree to complete the Alcohol and Drug program, in the event that one of the partnerships chooses to leave the Couples program or is dismissed.
  •  been in a cohabitive relationship for at least 6 months prior to submission of application.
  • not have any upcoming legal issues/court cases, ALL court dates must be dealt with prior to admission to Round Lake. Court date interference or any restrictions orders with treatment may result in dismissal from program until resolved. Round Lake is not obligated to keep clients who may be mandated to treatment by the courts or other agencies.
  • cooperatively participate and follow our treatment and program guidelines, with the understanding that Round Lake is under no obligation to keep a client(s) who does not participate or comply with treatment direction.
  • Clients on probation or parole must inform the Intake Coordinator as part of the admission process, providing a copy of the probation/parole order and the name, contact information of the probation/parole officer
  • be free from alcohol and drugs for at least three weeks prior to his/her intake date. No exceptions. The purpose of the three week requirement of clean/ sober time for the couples program is to provide a stronger foundation to focus on their relationship issues.

Spousal Support

  • Spouse/family member participation is available in the last four weeks of the client's treatment period.
  • The supporting spouse/family member follows the same admission and booking procedure as the client.
  • All fees and regulations apply as with the client (refer to payment of fees).
  • If the spouse/family member has less than 6 months abstinence from alcohol and/or drugs they will be required to attend the complete treatment program.

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