Weekend passes are awarded to clients under certain conditions and only after two weeks of treatment.   Approval of individual/personal outings is dependent on:

  • Application for pass to be completed and submitted to Client Support Worker (CSW) office staff by noon Thursday. Applications are available in CSW office.
  • Counsellor review/approval of passes.
  • Progress is demonstrated in treatment process.
  • Responsible arrangements are to be made for your assigned chores.
  • Responsible arrangements are made for your own transportation - destination must be within 160km of Round Lake.
  • Check-in time for Friday evening or Saturday day pass is 11:30pm.
  • Check-in time for weekend pass is Sunday at 6:00pm.

Please inform staff when you are leaving, when you arrive back, if you have cancelled your outing, or if you will be late because of an emergency.

If at anytime you feel you need to return from a day/weekend pass, you are welcome to do so.

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