My name is Kayla and I am an addict.  I completed my first treatment program at Round Lake in December 2012.   And I have now just completed a 3-week refresher program from March 10 - 28, 2013. 

Coming to Round Lake was the BEST GIFT I could have given myself.  The entire staff of Client Support Workers, Cooks, Housekeepers and Counsellors provided guidance,  knowledge, love and support and is the most profound experience of my sobriety on the Red Road.  The group sessions on the Medicine Wheel, Health, Relationships, and Communication were also important but the best group session for me was "Assertiveness".  I will hold the knowledge I learned in that session forever close to my heart and soul. 

The incredible teachers at Round Lake know their stuff through and through.  The culture and heritage teachings are definitely something my soul has needed for a long time.  I have learned to take my time on this life-long journey as it is a life-time process.  And I believe with all my strength and might I will be okay.  I am a BEAUTIFUL CHILD OF THE CREATOR AND A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

Thank you Round Lake for enhancing my sobriety and teaching me these valuable gifts.  I forever will be grateful to Round Lake and the Okanagan Indian Band where Round Lake is located for this most profound and life-changing experience.

Hiy Hiy,

Kayla Fox, Vancouver, B.C.  Cree-Saskatachewan




Hello my name is Monica Howard and I am a recovered Alcoholic and my sobriety date is September 18, 1986. I am going into my 24th year of sobriety. I went to Round Lake Treatment Centre for 6 weeks in 1986. It was a beautiful experience. I am grateful for the many people who touched my life. I came to Vancouver and learned how to live a healthier life style. I attended meetings, got a sponsor, and did the service work. My home group is the Maritime Group in Vancouver, BC. I am grateful for what I can offer to men or women. Trust God, Clean House and Help Others. It's to watch men/women go WOW! Going through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am thankful for my 2 sponsors. Kleco! Kleco!

Monica Howard
Vancouver, BC


Hello my name is Paul Rush and I am an addict....
First off I want to thank the staff for all the hard work that they go through to help each and everyone of us as individuals, find ourselves and to help deal with life's situations.  I went to Round Lake in 2007 to deal with my addiction's and the trauma I had encountered as a child.  My time at Round Lake was hard at first then I had to really use my heart to be where I am today.  I'm sorry to say but as for myself I have been through a lot and also have been to another treatment center.  One year after being in Round Lake, I relapsed after almost 3 yrs of sobriety.  I know that one mistake can lead further but I stopped before I did and I am now back in counselling and ready to tackle life's situations once again.  Once again Round Lake has opened a lot of doors for me and I will continue to deal with myself.  I encourage each one who goes through the Round Lake program to be very real and open with your mind, body, soul and most importantly your heart.

KLEKO KLEKO to all my relations,

Paul Rush
Vancouver Island


I went to Round Lake in 1997.  I have been sober since...so much has happened in my life.  But thanks to the Round Lake counsellors I have been able to stay sober...Life is great and tools learned help with daily living. One thing that has stuck with me is one of the meetings where a lady had taken her 25 yr cake and had her children and grandchildren with her. it was so touching that I don't think that there was a dry eye in the place. Her grandchildren had never seen her take a drink, I had one granddaughter at the time...she is 12 now and has never seen me drunk...and the Great Spirit helping she will never see it...Thank you for my soberity, I wish you all another 24 and will take one for myself...


Maryanne S
Prince Rupert, Vancouver

After attending Round Lake's Trauma Program, there were many positive changes in my life. I looked at live differently and appreciated all my blessings. It was hard work while I was there but it was good work because this center provided me with the tools I needed to come home to. The first thing they taught me before I left, I cannot change anyone because I did. I could not make anyone in my family want what I wanted. So many doors started to open for me when I got home but this change was difficult for my immediate family to handle. I soon realized that one program was not enough so a few years later I attended another Trauma Program in another Center.

After living in dysfunction for so many years, it does take awhile to continue on the Red Road. After care is really important but sad to say not all reserves have AA or NA on a regular basis. I pray that people who make up their minds to change their ways in a positive way realize Self Care is important. For myself two meetings a week helped me with my sanity and I started attending church on a regular basis. God Bless you all and welcome to a brighter future. Everyone has a purpose and a gift.

All My Relations
Valerie Spence(Williams)
Prince Rupert, B.C.


It was a few years back that I decided that I needed to do some personal work on myself to make a positive change in my life. First I started sessions with a counsellor and took a three month Life Skills Program in my community. I learned that there was a place which had a program for Trauma clients so my counsellor help me apply.  I was accepted and began my journey. It was the first time I left home and family.  

It was frightening but I knew in my heart that if I want positive changes I must take a risk. I learned to be consistant in everything I do now. I also learned that there are no perfect families out there and should one want change, they must make up their mind and take the steps. At first I feared what I didn't know but learned to trust the process. What an eye opener, it was like night and day difference, coming home with the tools to help myself.

I did take another Trauma Program three years later and am happy that I did. Now I pray that more of our people will see that dysfunction is in all families and there is no shame in making a difference. I came home to many positive changes, including a full time job and elected member of the board for our local treatment center in Kitwanga. Five years sitting on the board also helped me continue my selfcare.

I also have my Healing Touch and to give is to recieve. I will always be on the road to brighter futures for myself, my family, and my people. Thank-you so much for all you have done to help me help myself.

Gaam Niin-See You later in Gitksan,

Adoani-Gitxsan Nation


My name is Della, I am an alcoholic! When I arrived at Round Lake I was in total denial.   I had a hard time saying the word "Alcoholic". By the end of the two weeks, I KNEW I was an alcoholic!. Thanks to the staff I started my road to recovery from that time. I attended my session there Jan 28-March 10 1988.  My sobriety date is December 31 1987. I am coming up to 21 years of sobriety, and I live a happy life with my new husband and have two beautiful granddaughters that are 11 and 12 years old.  They have never seen their grandma drink. I attended again a second time for a three week refresher in 2000 to address some difficult things that came up, and again the staff helped me walk through them with serenity and peace. I have to remember I am only here by the Grace of God, nothing else. The creator led me to your facility for help. Gilakasla

All My Relations,
Della Green
Yellowknife, NT


I am pleased to say that I marbled out on August 21/08!!  What an amzing experience! This journey was full of lessons,  love and hardwork of myself! I couldn't believe the amount of care and support given by all the staff at RLTC! From the cooks, admin and of course the counsellors! Thank you Mary for your words of encouragement and guidance. I was able to stay focused by using self discipline and getting up every morning @ 6am to go make use of the gym and get my day started in a good way! The program is as great as you make it!!! The tools given are so powerful and useful in everyday life. I feel so honored to have participated in such a wonderful environment and I am so much stronger to face the issues thart are on the outside here! Thanks again RLTC! I won't ever forget these lessons learned!

Angel McBride

My name is Paula Moon, I attended Roundlake in March 1989.   It was the best thing that happened for me, I made a choice to go and help myself. I am a survivor of residential school, sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse & verbal abuse. I hit my bottom so hard with alcohol, and my children were taken away from me.

Roundlake was awesome, It is like home, all the brother's and sister's you get to meet and know for the six weeks you are there and on going. I left Roundlake with an awesome feeling, loving me, taking care of me, I am number one. Letting go of the old feeling wasn't easy, but I did it. Thanks to Joyce who was my counsellor while I was there, for helping me help me. I appreciate you for being you. I am 44 years old and I also went back to school and finished my grade 12, and then I attended Native Education to get my diploma in Family Community Counselling. To all reach for the stars, it's all about you, what you put into it you will get out of treatment. Six weeks is very short. Do it for you..

Paula Moon
Kingcome Inlet, BC

Hello,  My name is Romona Bennett, I come from Gitxaala B.C. And I have been sober for 5 years and 3 months!!  Round Lake was the best choice of my life!!! But at first,,, I thought I didn't belong there!! I cried to come back home,,,,, but stayed because my husband was there too. It wasn't till two weeks later,,, I heard this young man's story,,,,, and my eyes were opened!! I did belong there because,,"I Romona Bennett was an alcoholic,,, and needed help!!" When a young man was talking ,,,,,,,, right before my eyes,,,,he changed into my son talking!! And I did not want my son to go through what I went through as an alcoholic,,,,, I did not want him to be what I was. Cause if I didn't change,,,,,,,, that would be where my kids were heading!!! So right than and there,,,,, the "Serenity Prayer" meant more to me than just words!! I cried when we said that prayer after the session was over!! Cause I said it from my heart that time!! before I was just saying it,,,,, because we were saying it!! But that time and the times after that,,,,,,, I understood the prayer!!! That is my story,,,,,I have more to add,,,,,but worried of space!!!

So I hope and pray that everyone that attends or is thinking of attending, will attend.  It'll be the best choice you can ever make!!! I had a wonderful experience while I was there!! My councilor was Joyce,,,,, and she sure helped me out alot!! Thank-you Joyce!!! And to Mary,,,,,,for helping me finish the sweat!! "Thank-you!"

All My Relations, and best wishes to the staff,,,,

Romona Bennett
Gitxaala B.C (Kitkatla)

I went to Round Lake in the summer of 2007, my sobriety date is June 17, 2007. And have been sober ever since, taking it one day at a time, this Round Lake treatment is the best and only one, I have ever been through.  All the teachings is there, you really have to want it, and absorb everything you can while there, I starting drinking when I turned 18, and got heavier as time went on, black outs and drunk tanks, all alone, binging heavily.  Starting out just for fun, became every weekend, and then sometimes during the week, when I missed some work. Eventually I had a baby, and was still drinking while she was a few months old.   I hit rock bottom...again... but this time I knew, I absolutely knew, I had to get help to beat the beast of alcoholism. My dad came to Round Lake 18 years ago, and has been sober ever since, so I knew this was going to be a great place to heal, to learn, and to grow, through spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional growth.

A side tip, stay out of the drama, and don't fall in love while at Round Lake, as anyone can get into in close groups.  This is a place to grow and to heal not a match making service, I almost did, and it really side tracked my mind, and could have gotten me kicked out, which would have been devastating to me, plus it took my mind off of what my purpose was here, and you know you have your whole rest of your life to meet your love, outside of Round Lake.  Eventually my mind focused on my goal.  I had to soley concentrate on just me, and myself, and I was ok.   I completed the program, and now I have a lot of tools to help me in the world.

Good luck, and believe in a higher up, pray and ask, and you shall receive.

All my Relations

(Sky) Perry Jack
Vancouver, BC

Honestly, I can't say enough !!  I have been on the outside for three weeks now. I don't think a day has gone bye that I haven't used at least one of the lessons taught. Clean and sober for 3 months thanks to Round Lake.

Coming to Round Lake was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Arriving hopeless, afraid and broken, not knowing myself or who I could be. I left with strength, courage, acceptance, forgiveness, love, selfworth and a strong belief in our culture. It does heal.

Thanks to everyone who was part of paving my path on the Red Road.

All my relations, 


I attended Round Lake Treatment Centre October 30, 1995 - December 12, 1995. Literally, I was climbing the walls, anxious to drink again and was saved by my sponsor. I was deeply unhappy growing up in the foster care system and bitterly blamed my birth mother for my alcoholism - everything that had gone wrong in my life. Only once at Round Lake was I able to ask for forgiveness and realize what my birth mother must have gone through, to give me a better life. I also discovered I was pregnant and right there and then, I promised not to drink and start over again. How grateful I am to the staff at Round Lake for the lessons they taught me, especially my counsellor, Eliza Montgomery.

All my relations,

Eileen Henry
Victoria, BC

Tansi,.........I just want to say that I loved my experience while I was in treatment at Round Lake, from October of 2002-December 2002! I was never really into my culture until I went there and am so full of wonderful memories. I am so thankful to Joyce.  She is a gracious loving counsellor, does not beat around the bush, tells it like it is. The staff are loving and kind. I am proud to say that I am Sober! It's a tough journey but if you really want something bad enough for yourself, it can be done, with prayer and asking for our Creators' help. It's scary to go into a facility but it's worth your life and Round Lake is very Spiritual. Thankyou, All my Relations!

Wanda Bird
Kelowna, BC

Hello my name is Stephanie and I am a alcoholic/ addict.
I also am a Shuswap woman who couldn't see the way that I was living was hurting me and the ones I love. I attended R.L.T.C in April-May 2007.   I had already been sober for a few months so I never thought that I needed treatment so I was very hesitent to go. I enjoyed every minute.  I would go back for the refreasher any time.   I had opened my mind and asked the Creator's help to get through the rough times and culture is truly healing.  I believe it so. I have been clean from drugs for a year now and still taking it one day at a time,  somthing that I never did before.  I tried to sober up for years and it just wasn't working so I do it for a day now.   Thank-you for your help back to reality life is real and I love it.


To all the new clients of Round Lake.  This is the best place to be.  If you truly wanna heal yourself, open your mind to everything that is being said, and take everything seriously.  Don't become another statistic, believe in yourself for when you know you are free from all the poison , you will have an open mind, heart and soul.  You will be free. Round Lake is the best place for me, I didn't believe it would be able to help me. I thought I was invincible, but damn it is great to have people that know what they are doing.  To all staff members my hands are up to you for all the great work that has happened at your centre.
All My Relations

Cynthia Baker
Squamish Nation
North Vancouver British Columbia


I attended Round Lake May 14th-June 14th. Round lake was a good experIence for me, I loved the food, the sweats and the gym. I relapsed the day after I got out. I let my brothers and sisters down. I'm sorry. I let myself down and let the counsellors down. It's a very hard world out here. I wasn't ready to leave. Now I feel dumb for not asking for an extension.

Nathan Watts
Port Alberni

To whom it may concern;

The best thing I ever did in my truly pitiful life was to go to Round Lake.  I have never looked back!  All the people that worked and provided all the services for a better life, thank you so kindly!  We were all given the tools with which to work on our new beginnings.I have found my true Indigenous calling in life.To go forth and help those that we can and pray for all others.

The sweat ceremony has become an integral part of my life.  Honouring and respecting Creator and Mother Earth, the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers of the four sacred directions, and all our sacred helpers whom are always with us.  Gwan-as-chis,di-un-kan-kow,gwan-as-chis,duh-thay-cho.gwan-as-chis for for life.

I have not touched alcohol or drugs since February 08/99.

I attended RLTC from Feb19/99-Mar19/99, four weeks.  And thank you Chico for working with me on a individual basis.  And all the other counsellors and Lee Brown. Thank you all for you kindness and patience that extended towards us all! Gwan-as-chis to you all! All my relations.  May you always treat yourselves with kindness. We are all bound together, simply by being human.

Mason Kulkun Crow Boss
Hutchi,Yukon Territory,Canada

I went to Roundlake Treatment Centre in March -May 2006. It was the best thing I ever did for my life I have being sober since. RLTC gave me the tools to work with everyday life issues. RLTC also gave me the background of my culture which was lost through drugs. I am glad to able to attend RLTC. I still smudge and sweat. I would like to thank the counsellors for the help and understanding of what an addict go through in life to try to stay clean. I give all my heart to RLTC for their wisdom, and knowledge.

Rosaline Stone
Merritt, BC

Thanks to Round Lake we are sober today still going on three years now for us.  It seems like yesterday we were just there.  I miss everyone and keep thinking of a refresher program.  I loved it at Round Lake so much I want to come back.  We learned so much there over the six weeks we were there; picked up a lot of tools and learned how steer a relationship.  Both myself and wife were pregnant while we were at Round Lake.  Shortly after we left had a little boy.  The staff treated us so well we love them all so much.The food was awesome.

I want to express my gratitude to all the Round Lake staff.  I will never forget you guys.  You are always in my prayers.

All my Relations,

David and Stacey Miller
Zeballos,Vancouver Island British Columbia

I was saved by the All Mighty Creator and every minute I was at Round Lake I felt the power of all existence.  I had an experience and a very challenging one too.  I had to face my dark past and the demons I carried within me throughout my life.  I tried so hard to avoid the topic with counsellor Mary, but as you know, she pushed and pushed to get me to focus on the root of the problem, the cause of the drug and alcohol use.   I faced my childhood head on.  It was hard and I shed a lot of tears.  I found that what happened to me as a child was was not my fault.  I had a lot of anger towards my Mom.  Mary and all the sweats helped me with that. 

O, I cannot forget Joyce.  She is one strong woman.  Prayers did a whole lot too.  I never did pray until I went to the sweat for the first time.  I love sweats.  I highly think everyone in the world should sweat like us.

I thank all of Round Lake for helping me.  I love being the mother for my children and they are happy to have me back.  I will never leave them agian.

All my relations,


I went to Round Lake in the summer of 1998 and I have been sober since; I am a mother of four daughters and a grandmother of 10 soon to be 11. When I first went to the treatment center I so scared and felt all alone and the first weekend was scary and I was so angry wondering WHY I was here and WHAT was I doing there and I was more angry when I refused to accept that I had a drinking problem.  When I FINALLY accepted the fact that I was an alcoholic then things started working out and there were "other" problems that I had to deal with.

The first year of sobriety was difficult for me.   I struggled and changes happened; my partner of 18-years left me and I wanted him to leave because I could not deal with his drinking.  I did not want to go back to my old ways and I was not HAPPY. My daughters and my sisters were my support system.  They were there for me and I was there for me.  I realized that I wanted to help people and I could not help them UNLESS I helped myself first. I had two very good counsellors and I am ever so thankful to them (Joyce & Linda).

Last November I married a wonderful man and I am happy; I give thanks to the creator for my husband, children, grandchildren, my whole family and those that were put in path to help me through my difficult times; and I am where I am today because of him....Today I have learned to love me and forgive me and those who may have hurt me. May the creator, bless you and hold you and your family today and always.


I was very fortunate to have attended Round Lake Treatment Center in February 1996.  I was scared at first because I didn't know what the program was about.  Well into my third day of sessions I was very comfortable.  I did not realize what an alcoholic was and was in total denial about my well-being as a person. 

I learned a lot about myself personally and to getting to know myself was amazing.  I was in total shock when I really found me!  And now I am a very confident person and also open to share my stories with everyone who wants to listen and share with me too.  I have become more confident in my own personal abilities to succeed in life.  I have gone to school to get my education and I went to a counselling school in Vancouver in 2003-2005 and graduated in my diploma year in 2005.  Now I am an Alcohol & Drugs counsellor in Port Hardy B.C

I want to thank you the staff at Round Lake for your awesome support while I was there working on myself and my personal healing journey.  We learned something new everyday.  I thank the Creator for his guidance and watching over me.  Thanks again Round Lake staff.  You are awesome.  Remember we all have to work hard at what we want in life and we will get that support in the positive things we choose for ourselves and succeed.  I believe that hard work pays off if you work at it.

"all my relations" from

p.s. i hope this helps people who want to succeed in their journey of healing, and work hard at their self-care.

Andrew "Malong" Dawson
Kingcome Inlet B.C.

I am still friends with the social worker and D-N-A to this day that helped guide and show me patience, when I didn't have any! I didn't think very highly of myself then.  I didn't know who I was or what I was.  All I knew was the bottle.The bottle is still there, yupp just there....I don't need drugs and alcohol to help resolve my problems with life.  Family, friends, everyday people have been there for me throughout the long road,the red road.  I didn't fully understand why these people were trying to help me sober up?!  But they could see what I couldn't.  I was hurting my family/friends with my abusive drinking!

When I went to Round Lake I didn't know much at all.  I was lost.  I was afraid  and scared of the unknown.  Then I met people from all over that were in the same boat as I.

It's kinda the same with life now...but way better...my friends and family are there to support me.  When I feel lost, friends notice.  The bottle is still there, but no need for that.

Today I've been clean and sober for two decades.  I continue to strive and learn about me and life ...I seek help when I know i need it...cause there is actually people out there that will lend a hand..no matter time ,day or place....I'lI lend my hand to those too,when I can....without those special people that came into my life at Round Lake Treatment Centre..my social worker, D-N-A ...they helped me to open my eyes...to a better life.......thank you...for being there..when I didn't know I needed you the most....Follow the red road...you'll never know what you'll find ..until you try...take care...

Hi my name is wes..and im an alcoholic...

I would like to take this time to thank Round Lake , the staff, CSW'S, Housekeepers and the Cooks for my welcomed stay there. I have learned a lot about myself and have the tools now to work on myself. I do have my ups and downs somedays...but that is the part of life. I left Round Lake on November 23rd, 2006 and have been sober since. I am now working and finally have the courage to leave my partner from many years of a so-called relationship. I choose now not to let this man have control over me...and I choose not to stay with him. I have learned a lot about co-dependency and I was in denial for years that I didn't have that problem...but ever since I went to treatment I have learned alot.

I continue to go to my meetings and have a lot of support here....and made a lot of friends. I just take it one day at a time. My life was unmanageable for a long time...but not anymore...as I have my Creator to pray to when I do have my downs. I don't turn to the alcohol anymore....and I haven't felt better!!! I would like to encourage any man or woman out there to come to Round Lake as it is a sacred place and beautiful. You get to have a chance to get know yourself...heal yourself...and be a better person,( but that is if you do the work.) It has worked for me...and I look forward to going back for my refresher.

Thank you again Round Lake Treatment Centre for the support...and I would like to thank myself for doing the work.

All My Relations,

Lee-Ann Dudoward

Penticton, B.C.

On November 21, 2006 it was 21 years since I first walked through the doors of Round Lake, I was 21 years old. Attending treatment at Round Lake was the scariest thing I ever thought I could do, but in life there are many scary things you need to deal with and face.Today I realize that I needed to take that first risk because life is full of scary difficult things but that very first risk is the most important because if you don't take it, you never will.

Julie Birdstone

I never put enough into Round Lake when I was there and it was almost too late for me.  At the end of my stay I really had to focus and work on me.  I did and made my way back into the world clean and sober.  I fight with alcoholism every day but I am sober.  I learned some tools at Round Lake to stay sober and I use them every day.  I thank the people of Round Lake for helping me and giving me the tools.  I believe in my heart today if I had not gone to Round Lake I would not be alive today.  I thank the staff, all of them.  I left Round Lake February 9, 2006 and am still clean and sober.  I got my daughter back who was in the Ministry's care.  I am alive and have good family support .  I love you and thank you people of Round Lake.

Your friend forever

Bruce Almighty.  (Bruce Riley)
from Lillooet -Kamloops

I entered treatment at Round Lake in October and graduated in December 2002. It saved my life. When I checked into Round Lake, I was broken and burned out. I left there with hope. I left there believing in myself. Today I am in the Nechi Training Institute, going to school to become a counsellor. I thank Round Lake for I say that it was the foundation on which I began to rebuild my life on the road to recovery. I would like to dedicate this testimony to a brother named Garth, who sadly lost his life. Garth may the Lord Bless you.

Jo-Ann Belcourt

PS Joyce, your a wonderful Counsellor. I thank you for your strengths.

JoAnn Belcourt
Tsay Keh Dene

The Round Lake Treatment Centre is a very sacred place to be. The residence becomes home with many brothers and sisters from our respective Nations. The bonds that we create are everlasting and our stories may not be exactly the same but we share many commonalities in our experiences with drugs and alcohol. The Four Seasons building is a powerful lodge, the Sacred sweat Lodges are cleansing, the residence is a warm home and the gymnasium a place to rebuild physically. I thank the creator and all our teachers and advisors from Round Lake that have offered their guidance and direction to help me on my healing path.

Round Lake offers many good medicines on the healing journey....traditional and contemporary.....I went to Round Lake a wounded spirit and after completing the 41 day program I left a warrior standing tall again....prepared to walk the good Red Road once again.

I dedicate this to my brother Boyd Narcisse who I shared a room with for 3 weeks....he left and on the final week of our group completing.....sadly my brother passed away from an overdose. He forever remains in my prayers and he is a teacher....life is precious.

In brotherhood

Ben F. Pierre

Sechelt Indian Band

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