While here you have access to an individual counsellor and some small group counselling as well.  The style of therapy offered is initially psycho-physiological.  This allows us to gently work with trauma in a controlled way through the sensation and limbic systems.   This method allows for emotional regulation to be enhanced and for meaning to change as the felt sense from the body changes, allowing for openness to joy and engagement in life to develop.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques may be used once trauma has been worked with some. The Recovery home counsellor will utilize the Medicine Wheel as a tool to address your four life areas of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual which will assist you to regain balance and harmony in their life and recovery.  When working within the Medicine Wheel concept, the cognitive realm is only one area of the Medicine Wheel, which can be used to help you to uncover and alter distortions of thought, beliefs or perceptions which may be causing or prolonging psychological distress.

Small group therapy will focus on the communication processes needed in communal living. Issues brought up by residents that would benefit from having peer involvement and shared learning will provide content for the group to work on.  Some prepared topics may also be presented and discussed.

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