What to Expect

Welcome to The Painted Turtle Lodge! 

You will enjoy a private, lockable room with amazing views and a shared bathroom with one other person of the same gender.    You will cook communal food in a beautiful fully stocked kitchen, enjoy a sitting area, fire place and well stocked library.  A full gymnasium and weights area are available for use, and the forested grounds provide relaxing walking.  Arranged trips to town will enable opportunities for shopping, attending recovery meetings, and recreation.  The TV room is available for evening entertainment, as is a large selection of board and card games.

After you are settled in and are comfortable with the routine and program you may begin branching out into community involvement through work or volunteering, and these activities will take the place of some of the programming. 












The Painted Turtle Lodge













Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room




























Painted Turtle Lodge Staff (L-R): TIm, Angela and Stewart


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