Harm Reduction Policy

The Painted Turtle Lodge and Round Lake Treatment Centre are a sober environments and this is especially important given its proximity to the treatment center and the leadership role we play for those early in the recovery journey.

On-site drug and/or alcohol use will not be tolerated and could result in discharge

Ultimately abstinence is the long-term goal; harm reduction may be a necessary step to achieve that goal. Rather than pit harm reduction against abstinence, our approach will attempt to integrate elements of both, that they can exist together and be complementary to other models such as trauma informed, resident focused approach and even 12-Step philosophies. Residents who may experience a minor relapse must be willing to explore and examine the ill-effects their misuse of substances have had and any such minor slips or relapse will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the approach will be used as a teachable moment in the resident’s recovery journey. Dismissal may not be an option provided the resident demonstrates a high regard for sober and recovery based living practices. However, it must be understood that a zero tolerance for substance use while on-site will be maintained.

This is in line with harm reduction principles that recognize the difficulty of recovery and the idea that a slip does not equal a relapse.

Repeated slips may quickly add up to a full relapse,  and discharge will follow.  We encourage residents to take the possibility of discharge more seriously than the potential for less drastic consequences, as the feeling that one free pass is available to use is both inaccurate and dangerous to your sobriety and privileges may be reconsidered due to your conduct.

Drug Testing

Residents may be drug tested should staff feel it necessary to confirm sobriety or to rule out doubt if use is suspected.  We encourage the mindset that these provide an opportunity to win at sobriety with a negative test.

Baggage Search

Baggage will be viewed together with the Recovery Home staff upon arrival to ensure appropriateness of items.  Imappropriate items will be held until you leave, or returned home by you. 

Privacy Policy

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