1.  Accept responsibility; be accountable for our personal wellness.

2.  Live with integrity, responsibility, accountability and gratitude.

3.  Honour individual differences and achievements.

4.  Be compassionate, respectful, supportive, encouraging, and co-operative.





Joyce Andrews, Counsellor Team Lead

I have worked at Round Lake Treatment Centre since 1986 and currently work as the Team Leader.  I am just like a timex watch.  I keep on ticking!  It never ceases to amaze me how clients change after they have completed our program.  I am dedicated to the Centre, the clients and I love my job!


Mary Gregoire

Hello, my name is Mary G. from the Okanagan Band.  Welcome to my traditional territory.  Being a counsellor at RLTC is very rewarding.  I truly enjoy being a witness to the growth, change and healing which happens for the clients at Round Lake.


Kevin Munn

Hello; My name is Kevin Munn; I have been a part of the counselling team at Round Lake since March 2012.  We are surrounded by the creator’s gifts of nature, beauty, and medicines that assist healing mind, body, and spirit.  I feel blessed and possess much gratitude to be working in an environment where I get to share in peoples' growth and positive change.  I also appreciate the opportunity to experience and learn from or about people’s culture, talents and abilities they are willing to share.


Bernie Marchand-Brown

My name is Bernie; I am Okanagan and a member of the Okanagan Indian Band. I come to RLTC with a wealth of education & skills. I completed a BSW and a M.Ed at UBC Okanagan.  I have a passion to enhance people’s recovery using traditional healing models.  My life has been blessed and enriched with my very large family, three beautiful and amazing daughters, who have gifted and enhanced my life in numerous ways.  In the early beginning of RLTC some of my family members have worked here as well. I honour & respect those who are entering their healing journey and fully support their recovery and sobriety.   

My personal philosophy is my belief in having a holistic perspective on life. I value my culture, traditions and teachings. I energetically demonstrate this in my everyday life by practicing my First Nations cultural practices. This includes the medicine wheel theory which is the foundation of my personal philosophy. This means living in balance and having interconnectedness with my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of my intrinsic self. It is integral to be in balance with all of these components so that I can ultimately function in my fullest capacities.

I love learning, reading, beading, creativity & empowering self & others. It is each our responsibility; to embrace our uniqueness, to strengthen our internal and external selves, to fulfill our purpose within humanity, and to enrich and deepen our sacred journey through this life time. All my Relations. 


Robert Williamson

Hi there. I am Bob. I am privileged to be working at RLTC. I have a life long association working with First Nations peoples through my upbringing in Winnipeg, volunteer work at Rossbrook House in the Inner City and as a board member of the Alcohol Foundation of Manitoba. In Vernon, I have worked closely with First Nations peoples in conflict with the law, assisting Residential School survivors and my many friendships in the Okanagan Nation. I have recently completed a second BA degree in Psychology at UBCO with the goal of counselling.  I actively participate in a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. Limlimt. 


Grant Waldman

I am very honoured and grateful to be on the RLTC Counselling Team!  Prior to coming to RLTC, I have been involved with "Men's Work" for the past 20 years.  I spent the past 7 years supporting men as the Executive Director and Lay Counsellor at West Coast Men's Support Society (  I recently graduated with an MA Counselling Psychology, and am a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC).  I am presently pursuing a PhD in Eco-Psychology.  I have also been involved in the business world for over 30 years and still have a marketing firm.  I look forward to contributing to the healing journey of many many clients at RLTC! 

On a personal note, I have been with my partner Annik for over 30 years.  We have a wonderful son, Nathaniel who is completing his second year in university.  I am a published singer-songwriter-poet, and enjoy performing at local coffee houses.  I am also honoured to be able to offer my Lakota flute and hand drum music at RLTC.  I look forward to exploring the Okanagan region in the coming months and years.  I enjoy connecting with Mother Earth through hiking, kayaking, biking, tennis, and golf.


Stewart Watson, Counsellor

Hi, my name is Stewart Watson. I have been working at Round Lake since October, 2015, and consider it an honour and a privilege to be a part of this team and this work.  My background began with an English degree and includes summer camp counsellor, high school teacher, community support worker, employment counsellor, a Masters in Social Work, homelessness prevention, and now addictions recovery, which was my specialty in school and has quickly become a passion.  I am also an outdoors enthusiast, and enjoy a variety of adventure activities.  My favourite moments are when participants connect with experience, culture, knowledge, and others in a good way, and begin to bring about positive change in their lives.


Aaron Mitchell, Wellness Facilitator-In-Training

My name is Aaron Mitchell and I am a member of the Okanagan Indian Band, I am grateful to have such a wonderful healing place on my traditional land for all walks of life to enjoy and do their healing. I am part of the mentorship and training program here at Round Lake Treatment Center. I am currently taking my Chemical Addictions Worker Advanced diploma through Nicola Valley Institute of Technology at the Burnaby campus, I plan to carry on to a masters program in the addiction field. I have been employed with Round Lake Treatment Centre since March of 2015, I started as a Cook in the kitchen as I do have a background in cooking as well, then a mentorship program became available and I decided to apply for it as it was going in the same direction as I was planning for my schooling. I have loved every moment of working here and plan on many more moments to come. It's always an honour to watch and witness individuals do their healing work, and to watch them grow while they are here with us.


Gabriella Bright, Wellness Facilitator-In-Training

My name is Gabriella and I am currently working  through the mentorship and training program here at Round Lake Treatment Centre. I have a Diploma in Human Service Work through Okanagan College and am continuing my education through a Bachelor’s Degree program.

I completed my final practicum placement with RLTC in April 2015 and have been on staff as a member of the program team ever since. It is an honour to witness and participate in the healing work done in this sacred place. 


Mary Louis, Team Lead

My name is Mary Louis. I am a member of the Okanagan Indian Band Number One.  I am originally from the Mount Currie Indian Band.  I have worked at Round Lake Treatment Centre since February 1989.  I am a client support worker and also the client services coordinator.  I enjoy doing a lot of things such as going to pow wows, stick games, rodeos, hunting, fishing, picking berries, tanning hides, drum making, beading, reading books, drumming and singing.


Peter Hnidan

Hi my name is Peter Hnidan.  I am Gitsan of the Frog Clan my house is Nikadeen.  I have worked at RLTC since 1995 as a client support worker.  My hobbies are hunting, fishing, walking with my wife Mary and our two dogs.


Sylvia Kirkpatrick                

I have been clean and sober since 1987 and have worked at RLTC since 2008.  I really enjoy hearing people's stories and am able to find some common ground with people.   I have education and experience in the Social Service field.   My hobbies are quilting, going for long walks and spending time with friends and family. I look forward to sharing my experience, strength and hope with you!


Anne Gregoire

Hello, my name is Anne Gregoire.  What I enjoy most as being a Client Support Worker is seeing the changes that occur in the clients as they complete their treatment.  I enjoy walking, volleyball, bowling, gym exercising, dancing, beading and playing card games.


Lynn Gregoire

Hi, my name is Lynn Germaine Gregoire. I'm from the Okanagan Indian Band. I started working here as a Client Support Worker in February, 2014. I have four years of Criminal and Social Justice and several years as a Security Officer. In my free time I enjoy playing slo-pitch, volleyball and spending time with friends and family. It has been a continuing honour seeing each client going through their individual journeys and growth.


Chelan Oyarzun

Hi my name is Chelan and I am a client support worker here at Round Lake Treatment Centre and a nursing student at the Okanagan College.

I am truly grateful to work not only in such a beautiful setting but also to be surrounded by such a wonderful diverse team.  Watching and helping the clients learn to become balanced in the medicine wheel and to support them in their healing journey is so rewarding.  I have a lot of gratitude to my Round Lake family in supporting my personal wellness and career growth.


Richard Cox

My name is Richard and I have worked at Round Lake since June, 2016. Working at Round Lake is both a pleasure and an honour. Having just celebrated 25 years clean and sober, by the grace of the Creator and the selfless help of many others is a gift that I am blessed to share with many others on their road to recovery.





Margaret Petit

Tansi (hello, how are you), I am Plains Cree from Little Pine First Nation in west central Saskatchewan. I moved to the beautiful Okanagan in 2006 to be closer to my grandchildren who I love spending time with and supporting their extra-curricular activities. I am often out in the community with one or all of them. My spouse and I talk Cree and Okanagan to our grandsons for our first languages are vital in their early years of development.

I graduated with an Indian Social Work Degree from the University of Regina, off campus Saskatchewan Indian Federated College 2005 in Saskatoon.  My interests are walking, beading, dancing in my regalia, listening to Pow Wow and Round dance songs and attending community cultural events. I also like to cook and bake for my family. I have worked in various capacities in community based organizations and government in SK and BC.

My late father was my inspiration. He had 30 years sobriety and worked for 15 years at Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Center in the mid 70’s to late 90’s. He moved on to share and to provide cultural awareness in Edmonton as a Cultural Coordinator/Resource/Elder. He was a highly respected and humble man. He touched a lot of lives. He worked in correctional facilities, child welfare agencies and in education institutions. He shared his knowledge with anyone whether they were homeless in the downtown core or professors, city police and psychologists.  I am sure my father is smiling now that I have joined RLTC.

I look forward to working with the team and contributing my knowledge, compassion and desire to support those who are seeking healing and wellness; a life without alcohol and drugs.

Jeanette DeFauw, Program Administrator

My name is Jeanette DeFauw.  I am Syilx from the Okanagan Indian Band.  I have worked at Round Lake Treatment Centre since July 2014.  Part-time at first, then, fortunate enough to be offered a full-time position as the Executive Assistant.  I have recently moved into the Program Department in a new role as the Program Administrator, supervising the CSWs. I am thankful to be so welcomed as a part of the amazing team here at Round Lake and feel blessed to be a part of the healing work that is done here.



Amber Froste

My name is Amber Froste and I am a member of the Oregon Jack Creek Band located in Ashcroft, BC.  I began my work at Round Lake in May 2016.  In 2014 I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and obtained Registered Nurse designation.  In addition to being one of the resident nurses here at the centre, I am also a Public Health Nurse and a Hospice Palliative Care Nurse.  My experiences in nursing have allowed me to work with, and care for, a variety of different types of clients ranging from very young to the very old.  I am very excited to now be working in the field of addictions. I feel I have much to offer, and much to learn, as I begin my path to assisting those who seek health, wellness, and recovery from substance abuse. 

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Rick Chiba, Head Chef

Hi, my name is Rick Chiba.  I have been the Head Chef at Round Lake Treatment Center since 1997.  I enjoy playing ball in the summer and hockey in the winter as well as coaching .  I especially enjoy spending time with my two sons and cooking. 

Matthew Tardiff







Laura Louis, Cook

I have been employed at Round Lake since 1984.  Before that I worked at the Centre part-time for ten years.  I enjoy cooking, being with family, watching rodeo, stick games, and being a grandmother.  I have been sober for 33 years and married to the same guy for 36 years. 

Round Lake is an awesome place to work.  I like to say that one should treat people like you want to be treated.  Don't be so critical of your peers until you have walked in their shoes.


Alton Louis, Maintenance

My name is Alton Louis and I have been employed at Round Lake since 1986.  My job at the centre is the maintenance person. 

I am happily married and have been for 28 years. My passion away from the centre is to go hunting, reload my own ammunition, and go for a 10 km run once a week. The main reason I love to work at Round Lake is to see the amazing transformation in the people who come here to heal.

My motto in life is RESPECT!


Thelma Marchand, Housekeeping

I am an Okanagan Band member and have worked at Round Lake since the early 90's.  First as part time night kitchen cleaner/Client Support Worker/Cook/Security over the Christmas break.  Later, I started as a janitor full time and then moved into housekeeping.

I really do enjoy working here, helping in anyway I can.  I  gather donations of clothes, shoes, toiletries, craft supplies etc., to help the clients during their time with us.  Therefore donations of new and used items are always greatly  appreciated. 

My past training and work experience as a Practical Nurse, teacher, social worker and Education Counsellor have really helped me in this position.  I look forward to working for awhile yet.


Holly Leffingwell, Janitor

Hi, my name is Holly. I have worked at Round Lake since August, 2014, on the Janitorial team. Since my first day, the staff has been very welcoming to the Round Lake family. I enjoy working around the clients and helping them in any way I can. It’s rewarding to see the positive changes in the clients during their time with us. I enjoy gardening, reading, walking and collecting rocks.


Lane Marchand, Janitor

I have been away for over twenty years working in Northern BC and the Yukon. With Round Lake Treatment Centre hiring me in January, 2015, my family and I are extremely happy! It is great to be back living on the reserve. My wife and I are spending a lot of time visiting old friends and relatives. I am hoping to start playing hockey next year with an old-timers league. Who knows, I may even start playing ball again! My mother has already recruited my wife, Chris, into playing bingo at New Horizons. So far, I have been able to resist her efforts. Thank you Round Lake Treatment Centre for providing me the oportunity to return home to my people.

Lim Limpt,

Lane Marchand


Hannah Vedan, Intake Coordinator

Job:  Intake Coordinator

Hobbies:  Reading, golfing, and walking my grandpugs

Education:  Office Administration Diploma, Human Service Worker

I choose to work at Round Lake because I love being part of a team who work hard to empower people to succeed at having a clean & sober life.  The people who work here are my family and all have their own unique gifts, but work together for the success of the client.

In my spare time, I am spending quality grandmother time with my beautiful granddaughter.


Greg Barry, Performance Management and Measurement Coordinator

Hello, my name is Greg Barry.  I am proud to be a part of the Round Lake team as I have a long history and cherished memories of being around the centre.  When I was a young person my grandmother was a cook here and I spent many days in her company watching her prepare meals for so many clients.  I am thankful that I get to be a little part in making a difference in our clients' lives.

Outside of work my energy is focused on my family.  I am a mom of two amazing children who keep me extremely busy.  As a family we do a lot of outdoor activities like hunting, camping, and softball.


Carla Hunt, Senior Administrative Assistant

Hi, my name is Carla Hunt, I am from the Kwakuitl First Nation. I have worked with Round Lake since January, 2014. I bring over 20 years of office administration experience and technical expertise to this position. I am truly honoured to be part of an incredible team of staff dedicated to helping people transform their lives.


Shelly Mitchell, Executive Assistant

Hi, my name is Shelly Mitchell and I am a member of the Okanagan Indian Band. I have worked at Round Lake Treatment Center as a part time CSW since October, 2011. September, 2016, I began working full time in the Administration Department as an Administrative Assistant and am currently the Executive Assistant.

This is a beautiful place to work and I really enjoy working with the staff and clients. It is awesome to watch the clients' growth as they progress into a happier, healthier lifestyle.

In my own time I enjoy doing anything outdoors like camping, fishing, quading, horseback riding, walking my dogs and connecting with nature.

Wishing You all Peace, Love and Happiness.


Amanda Barry, Administrative Assistant

Hello, my name is Amanda Barry. I am very excited to join the Round Lake Staff. I come to Round Lake with  an Office Administration and a Dental Reception Certificate. I am open and welcome the change joining the team has brought me. It is an honour to witness and participate in the healing work done in this sacred place. 



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Angela Stienstra, Life Skills Coordinator

I have been with Round Lake since September, 2013, and feel very blessed to be a part of an amazing team. The work that is done here at Round Lake is beyond words, the healing and transformation of people and their lives is a gift to witness. I graduated with distinction from the LPN program in 1996. Since then I have taken many courses including Anatomy and Physiology, Pathologies, Communications and Ethics, Musculoskeletal System, Massage, Wound Care and many in-services, as I believe in life long learning. My experiences in nursing include acute care, palliative care, long term care and teaching in the nursing program. Now I begin my journey of nursing in addictions.

I am thankful to be a part of the Healing Journeys that happen here at Round Lake, I love this job!!



Tim Boruch, Life Skills Worker

First, I want to thank the Elders and leaders of Round Lake Treatment Centre for inviting me to do my work in this sacred space, I’m humbled and honoured to be here. I started working at Round Lake on December 1st 2016. I’m the guy that can say to the clients, “I understand, I’ve been there”. After a life filled with experiences on the streets and with the bottom of a bottle I got completely clean and sober February 21st 2001 and have remained that way ever since. I’m a great example of what recovery can be and how much we can change. There are many days when I scratch my head and ask myself, “How did I get from there to here?” One example of this change is that on my first day of sobriety was also the first day I started to read. Since that time I’ve devoted my life to the service of others by being the best example of good (God) I can be. This ambition has proven to be very rewarding. In 2008, after graduating from college with a diploma in human services and a certificate in psychology theory I worked on the streets with homeless drug addicted for a bunch of years. It was fast passed with lots of trauma everywhere, but I think I made a difference. The thing I got from those years is my heart opened up more with compassion and love for my brothers and sisters that are stuck in the pain of addiction. Seems I was put there to be the guy who didn’t judge them, someone they could see as a messenger of hope, I believe the Creator doesn’t make junk. Thank you Round Lake for your years of devotion to this work, and for your commitment to healing for all peoples, I stand here strong with you!

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Marlene Isaac, Executive Director

Hello!  Welcome to our web site.  I have been working at Round Lake since August 2011.  I am honoured to play a small part of so many clients’ healing journey.  It is truly astounding to think of the thousands of Round Lake clients who have returned home to their family and communities to live full, meaningful and contributing lives; a multi-generational impact.  Round Lake truly transforms lives. 



Leah Louis, Program Director


I am M. Leah Louis, Program Director.  I supervise the treatment team which is comprised of the Counsellors and Client Support Workers, as well as overseeing the coordination of program services provided.  The treatment team is a group of dynamic individuals who are enthused and sincere in their work.  It is my pleasure to be part of RLTC, and to be able to witness and be a small part on one’s healing journey.  

I am married and grateful to have a wonderful beautiful daughter who teaches me every day about opportunities and simplicity.  I am an avid reader and love mystery and suspense the most.  I love to travel, not only to see and visit new places but to see the joy and shine in my daughter’s eyes. 


Heather Crowdis, Administrative Services Manager

My name is Heather Crowdis and I have been at Round Lake since March of 2013.  I am the Administrative Services Manager.  I am so pleased to be a part of the Round Lake family and feel honored to be involved in any way I can with the healing that our clients do here.

I bring curiosity and positivity with me every day to work and do my best to keep healthy and live a balanced life.  I am a wife of over twenty years and a mother of two wonderful children.  I love to travel and stay active by walking, gardening and swimming.  

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