Program Philosophy


The Round Lake program presents a holistic approach to healing through the medicine wheel and its balance of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives to all cultures and nationalities. 

"Culture Is Treatment" is the philosophy of the Round Lake. The program is grounded in cultural teachings and practices facilitated by elders and staff.  Out of respect for all belief systems, the spirituality components of the program will not interfere with, but enhance all of our clients' spiritual beliefs.

Round Lake practices trauma informed services from the core principles of trauma awareness; safety: trustworthiness, choice and collaboration and building of strengths and skills.

Round Lake believes in the power of the circle to heal the impact of trauma.

Round Lake is committed to providing a welcoming and open environment of nonviolence, learning and collaboration.  Every emphasis is placed on the clients' need for physical and emotional safety while experiencing treatment. 







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