Recovery from addiction can be a long, personal and often painful journey. It takes courage to make the powerful decision to change directions - to step toward a life of recovery and to stay on the path to healthy living and wellness.

But once you have made the courageous decision to change and you are committed to that decision, we will assist and support you in your recovery.  We are committed to providing you with lifelong tools and resources needed to maintain recovery from the disease of addiction.

Since 1979, Round Lake has been the place where clients go when they make a serious commitment to change.   Round Lake is an internationally CARF accredited organization and operates under Trauma Informed Practices whose Program Director’s mantra is; “We are here to serve; It IS all about the Clients”.  Over its history of operations, people of all cultures and nationalities have come from all over Canada and the United States to seek help with their addictions. 

Round Lake provides a safe, respectful, and healing place to become empowered and to build a solid foundation in a recovery based lifestyle.  Through a therapeutic process, we empower clients to take responsibility, work with their issues and ground in new coping skills.  

The Centre conducts post-treatment follow-up surveys. The abstinence rate over the past two years has been 64%.

Clients frequently stay in touch with the Centre.  It is rewarding to hear about their success and how what they learned in treatment has helped them.  However, at times we also hear of clients that didn’t make it and may have relapsed back into their addictions.  Many remain in contact and express a wish to return.  

At our client gatherings and anniversary celebrations, held every five years (next one in 2019), clients and all those who have been involved in any capacity with the Centre are invited back.  It is always refreshing and amazing to welcome all  who have contributed significantly to Round Lake's history, development and ongoing desire to promote wellness and a recovery based lifestyle.  We strive to keep the circle strong.

With an approximate six to one client/counsellor ratio and a 6 week program, we help individuals and families replace old patterns of behaviour with new, healthy ways of living and relating to the world around them.

We offer:

  • Five or six week residential treatment
  • An innovative and proven holistic program
  • Strong clinical, support and leadership staff
  • Co-ed program
  • Trauma Training and Healing Circle
  • Couples program
  • Refresher program
  • Colleagues Program
  • Special attention to outstanding, healthy meals
  • A beautiful setting in the world-famous Okanagan Valley

Round Lake is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, (CARF).


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