Round Lake Treatment Centre accepts adult (19 years of age or older) couples who have been in a cohabitive relationship for at least 6 months before entering into our programs.  Each partner must have a geniune desire to stop using alcohol or drugs and commit to attending the entire 34 or 41 day treatment program.   Couples will participate in couple counselling.

The Couples program will focus on enhancing trust and open/honest communication while establishing partnership goals. The program will provide couples a chance to break through their barriers by using group and individual exercises and spending time together in a guided, safe and secure environment with other couples looking to enrich their relationships. The program is designed to rebuild, enhance and/or heal relationships.

Click HERE for the Couples Treatment Program Objectives and Goals.

For more information about admission critera visit Couples Admission Criteria


Round Lake Treatment Centre accepts family groups (19 years of age or older) into our programs.  Family groups will participate in family counselling.


Round Lake Treatment Centre accepts client spouses into the program in the last four weeks of the client's treatment period. 

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