1. I have at least “14 days clean time from drugs and alcohol”. (More sobriety/clean time is better!)
  2. I have return travel arrangements and am prepared to absorb the costs if I choose to leave the treatment program early or am discharged.
  3. I have completed and submitted the additional form for comfort allowance etc with the Application for Treatment (if applicable).
  4. I have made a post-treatment counselling appointment with my referral worker or post-treatment alcohol & drug counsellor.
  5. I have read the "Welcome to Round Lake" and "Client Guidelines".
  6. I have read and given copies of the "Visitor Guidelines" to all person who may visit me or attend the Marble Ceremony.
  7. My medical coverage is currently active and includes prescription coverage.
  8. I have taken care of doctors/dental appointments, eye appointments dental problems fillings, toothaches, infections, dentures, etc.
  9. I am free of outside interference such as childcare, physiotherapy, which require my attention during the six-week treatment program.
  10. I have packed white soled or non-marking running shoes for indoor use and one pair for outdoors.
  11. I have packed exercise clothing - loose shorts or sweats, T-shirt, swimming suit or swimming shorts.
  12. I have enough shampoo, toothbrush/paste, soap, feminine products, shaving supplies to last for the 6 weeks.
  13. I have a bank card, Identification, (for cashing cheques) and a phone card (for long-distance calls)
  14. I have pens, pencils, writing paper, envelopes, and stamps.
  15. I have ensured that all necessary documents are included in the application.


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